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allon4dentalimplants1What is All on Four? All on Four is a replacement of your natural teeth with an implant supported denture. The denture is attached to four dental implants. The denture is non-removable. Only your Oral Surgeon or General Dentist can remove the denture.

Am I a candidate for All on Four? The All on Four procedure is for patients who have one or more of the following: Unstable or ill fitting dentures Multiple missing teeth and do not want to wear a removable partial denture Tired of doing patch-work dentistry and want something more predictable long-term Want something that does not come in or out of your mouth. Want a more stable occlusion/bite to chew foods with.

How long does the All on Four process take? The All on Four procedure takes one day. This includes: Removing all the teeth in the arch, placing four or more dental implants in to the arch, placing abutments and copings that attach the denture to the implants, a palate less denture (on upper jaw) or a lower denture is then fixed to the implants.

Is this procedure painful? Actually this is not a very painful procedure. Most people would think that having all your teeth removed and having four dental implants placed would hurt but it does not. Most of our patients only take pain pills the first or second day and that's it. Listen to some of our patients who have gone through the All on Four procedure.