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Platelet Rich Fibrin


When you get a cut, platelets in your blood seal the edges of the cut and allow the tissue to heal. This action stops bleeding and creates a bed on which new tissues can grow.

Using technology inspired by Mother Nature, the doctors at Advanced Oral Surgery can take a small sample of your own blood and centrifuge it – creating a concentrated matrix of fibrin and platelets.

This matrix can be used alone or added to bone grafts for the repair of bone defects. It can also be adapted like a membrane to cover wounds and surgical sites. PRF makes healing much faster and is minimally invasive for you, our valued patient.

PRF can also benefit patients who are:

  • On anticoagulants
  • Slow to heal
  • Diabetic
  • In need of more rapid healing

PRF technology is available at all three of our locations: San Antonio, Helotes & Kerrville.

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